Say Hello To Dave

The story of a real serial killer and some of his horrific adventures. I worked in a major prison psych ward for a couple of years and I met many men that could be classified as serial killers. I have two other stories about serial killers in progress, one more prolific than the man I write about in 'Dave,' but absolutely none of them as terrifying as him. He haunted my dreams for years after his death. Available soon as an audio book and a paperback!

A WORK OF FICTION BASED ON ACTUAL EVENTS as told to author Verwayne Greenhoe while he worked on a prison psychiatric ward. Say Hello to Dave is the tale of a man who was a brutal killer - cold, methodical, and emotionally untouched by his own cruel acts. He killed out of rage and sometimes because he didn't like the way someone looked at him. Life was cheap in his world. This is not a story for the squeamish or faint of heart. Assigned to work in a psych ward of a maximum security prison, I ran into several men who were in prison for murder and occasionally, multiple murders. This story is based on real events but fictionalized enough to keep its real victims identities a secret. None of the locations are real but are based on towns and places the author has traveled to and through.

This man was a brutal killer, cold, methodical, emotionally untouched by his cruel acts. He described these murders to me much as you might recant a pleasant Sunday drive. This is not a story for the squeamish or faint of heart. I can hear him tell me how he attacked the final three victims and how he messed with their minds in their remaining minutes. I hear him a lot some nights. It has been over 35 years since I last saw him and I still remember his last words to me, "Watch your step."