The Struggle Within

Written by Verwayne Greenhoe.

A book on depression and the effects it has on the depressed and their families. Much of the information was gleaned from real life situations of the authors wife who went from a hospital OB department night supervisor to a woman struggling to regain her sense of purpose.

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I got this note from a friend who was being overtaken by a depression and sadness that almost cost him his life. It illustrates the thoughts and feelings of far too many people.

"Life has become a windowless box. I walk about the box and I realize that the walls are closing in on me. Mercifully, the box and I will soon be gone. Rod Serling had it right. Welcome to my Twilight Zone."

Depression is almost a national disease and by and large, it is an affliction suffered in silence. Our world moves at breakneck speed and the first that many 'close friends' ever discover that their loved one, neighbor, or spouse is depressed is when that person 'acts out' in an act of violence to others or an act of violence toward themselves in the form of suicide. Until that time, the most unusual thing they notice is that 'Mom sleeps a lot.'

First things first. I am not a doctor or an expert in psychology or anything that might give you the idea that I am formally schooled in this field. My 'expertise' comes from living with a mother who was chronically depressed, a wife who is a classic example of a clinically depressed person, working in a pysch section of a state prison for about two years where the most common issue was depression, and the innumerable number of people who talk to me simply because I will listen.

While I sincerely believe that a faith in God is beneficial, I suppose it isn't mandatory. The disease makes one filled with the sense of hopelessness and in the offhand I am wrong, what did it hurt to have something to be able to hope toward. It won't be filled with 'preaching' but rather words of inspiration.