The Tin Foil Hat Chronicles

Written by Verwayne Greenhoe.

"The Tinfoil Hat Chronicles" is a fictional political story that is largely based on fact but deals with the rampant conspiracy theories surrounding the 2012 election cycle. It starts off with a group of conservative activists taking a break before the final ten weeks of the 2012 election. Four days of active discussion around a night time campfire ensue with subjects that range from 'will Obama leave the White House if he were to lose' to 'why did the federal government just buy millions and millions of rounds of hollow point shells.'

While there, a little event occurs that starts off as a small deal and gradually becomes the center of the story line through out the first section of the book. The second section is, so far anyway, total fiction.... based on conspiracies and odd ball truths that lead the characters into places and events that may give you pause for thought. This story is 65,000+ words.

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