Just Out!

12.2.2020 The Audible version of my story, 'My Long Road Back,' is finally on Audible!   
Also new are A Haunting of A Small Town HERE and The Totally Unnecessary Death of Amanda Dawn that you can find HERE.

I released my latest book, "Finding Myself Again," in mid-August. It is my story of finding love again after the death of my first wife. I was lost and failing, but then a woman from my distant past finds me. It is in Audible production now, with expectations of a mid-December release. 

It wasn't my original intentions, but the 'Myself' story serves as the second of three stories. The original story was about my first wife, 'I Remember Judy - A Love Story.' It is available as an Audible book here.

Right on the heels of 'Myself' is my second wife's backstory, who was 'Used & Abused' in her younger years. This story is on Amazon right now. It is in Audible production and should be available by late December.

So You Wanna Be A Pantser

This is a short story that explains how I write, 'pantsing' style. I could never do an outline. When required to turn in an outline, I would do the work first and then draw up the outline.

This entry explains my 'G&G' style of editing. I don't claim that it will find every error, but it finds most of them.

Virus? What Virus?

While everyone else is hunkered down, worried about a virus, I've found it perfect 'writing weather.' I just finished and published a romance story on November 16th, and I'm already 19,000 words into my next novel. I have a 'writing bug' that won't let me go. As my wife tells me, there are things I could be doing that are worse. Of course, I always wonder how she knows those things? My father always told me, 'Remember, life is short, and then you die. Make the best of the time you have, while you have it.'

I have lots of stuff published that you can find here. If Audible is your thing, check out my audiobooks here!