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Born and raised on a small dairy farm in west central Michigan, I learned about life and death at an early age. I was lucky enough to have a loving, caring Father who taught me about some of the more intricate 'ins and outs' of living every day. No one ever really taught me to read, I just could and I used that gift to find a world I might not have been able to experience for another decade or more. 

I started writing simple stories at age six in about 1959 and have been at it ever since. I later became a medic, worked in a psych ward of a prison, and spent many years working in Emergency Rooms as an aide and then a nurse. I've written about my experiences growing up on the farm, then about things I saw and experienced in the emergency field, both in and out of the ER. 

I just finished a book on depression based on living with a mother who was a manic-depressive and a wife who suffered from a medium level of depression that began to rapidly escalate all too suddenly, leading to a suicide attempt. The book talks about how I helped her deal with her issues and my own that began as the pressure of dealing with my wife began to build. 

I just recently added four novellas, "It's A Springtime Thing,' a story about a man who drank too much and found himself being chased by his friends. The second was "Is It Me or Is That Ralph?," a story about a man who became obsessed with a 'ghostly presence' he thought was haunting him. The third was "Say Hello To Dave," a based on a true story of things a convicted serial killer told me. This will soon be out in paperback. Finally, another 'spooky' tale of a young boy and his demons, "The Darkness - and A Little Child Shall Lead Them." 

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