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Just Out!

12.2.2020 The Audible version of my story, 'My Long Road Back,' is finally on Audible!   
Also new are A Haunting of A Small Town HERE and The Totally Unnecessary Death of Amanda Dawn that you can find HERE.

I released my latest book, "Finding Myself Again," in mid-August. It is my story of finding love again after the death of my first wife. I was lost and failing, but then a woman from my distant past finds me. It is in Audible production now, with expectations of a mid-December release. 

It wasn't my original intentions, but the 'Myself' story serves as the second of three stories. The original story was about my first wife, 'I Remember Judy - A Love Story.' It is available as an Audible book here.

Right on the heels of 'Myself' is my second wife's backstory, who was 'Used & Abused' in her younger years. This story is on Amazon right now. It is in Audible production and should be available by late December.